In the year "Turkmenistan is the Motherland of Peace and Trust", when the 30th anniversary of Independence of Turkmenistan is celebrated, our country has achieved significant success on the way of developing the socio-economic sphere. In our country all opportunities are being created for young people, at the same time sports complexes have been put into operation in all corners of our country for the formation of a physically and spiritually healthy younger generation. The legislative base in the field of education, science, health care and other humanitarian spheres will be improved. All this makes a huge contribution to the younger generation to be educated and contributes to their implementation in society.
   At the initiative of the esteemed President, with the participation of representatives of state and public organizations and political parties, events are held among the population aimed at raising awareness of the population in matters of legislation, promoting humanitarian principles, and goodwill in society. The leaders of the National Red Crescent Society of Turkmenistan, speaking at these events, contributed to the promotion of humanitarian values and healthy lifestyles among young people. Securing information by showing videos, sketches increases the effectiveness of the events.

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