The National Red Crescent Society of Turkmenistan, on the basis of an agreement signed with the United Nations Development Program, in July 2021, began the implementation of the project “Social and medical services at home for people with chronic diseases”. The main goal of this project is: Improving the quality of life of adults with chronic non-communicable diseases who need rehabilitation and home care by providing social and medical services to support their health, improving the quality of life and opportunities for social rehabilitation and (re)integration, overcoming difficult life situation, while maintaining the ability to stay at the place of residence in your community.
     Today, the beneficiaries covered by the project praised the ongoing activities. During a meeting with the recipient of the project, Svetlana Kerimova, born in 1950, said that the project nurse often visits, provides assistance in resolving social issues, she also noted that the nurse provided assistance in restoring her health. In other words, given that it is difficult for Svetlana Kerimova to move, the nurse of the Society helped her to get to the 14th Health House in Ashgabat for examination. In cooperation with health workers, Svetlana Kerimova underwent an examination, according to the results of which she was prescribed appropriate treatment.
NRCST carrying out its statutory activities, assists in providing recipients with all high-quality services provided by the state.


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