Caring for the health and intellectual development of children, from generation to generation, is a task of paramount importance. Thanks to the invaluable care of our Hero Arkadag, these days children are resting in summer camps in all corners of our country. Happy children have fun.
    Every year in the summer months, the National Red Crescent Society of Turkmenistan, with the help of volunteers, carries out a number of activities to make the summer holidays for children more effective and useful. The staff and volunteers of the Society held such an event at the “Nebitçi” camp in Gokdere. The event was organized in the cultural center of the camp and was accompanied by the performance of songs and dances, sports competitions and quizzes. Children won prizes participating in various competitions. By answering the quiz questions, children had the opportunity to raise their awareness on topics such as the nature of Turkmenistan, the impact of the sun on human health and protection measures from the adverse effects of the sun.