On April 1, 2021, specialists from the Dashoguz velayat department of the NRCST, together with representatives of the Environmental Protection Department of the Dashoguz velayat, held a seminar with the participation of representatives of the fire safety departments of the Police Department of the Dashoguz velayat, the Civil Defense Department of the velayat, representatives of public organizations and volunteers. Specialists of the velayat department told that our ancestors always knew how to live in harmony with nature, for many centuries this has become firmly rooted in the consciousness of our people and now the attitude to the environment has been enriched with new content. At present, the original traditions of the people are being developed, combined with the cardinal measures taken to solve the global problems of mankind. As the esteemed President of Turkmenistan notes, the main task of the state policy in the field of ecology is to ensure the life of the people in a favorable environment, respect for natural resources and their rational use in order to pass on even more beautiful nature to future generations.